He made me feel safe? (Help me understand)

Date: 6/5/2017

By WILDlucy

Me and my friends were hanging out and for some reason we needed to do something really dangerous. Like a mission of some sort. There was this guy in the group and we were great friends. We ended up dating. I was an important part of this "mission" apparently I was the only one out of us who could do this. The person we were "investigating" "tricking" I don't know, but I was his target. So it was dangerous for me. My "boyfriend" who was wasn't really in the whole mission part but was just there for me, was worried for my safety. The mission was complete but I was hurt and almost didn't make it. I climbed out a window and ran into his arms. He held me for what seemed like forever. It felt like a few weeks maybe a month had passed. People I thought I could trust tricked me into doing drugs and getting drunk. My lover found me abandoned on the street. He took me home and held me again. Every time I was hurt or hurting he just held me in his strong arms and made me feel protected. He made me feel like nothing and no one could ever hurt me.