Date: 4/11/2019

By H0ll0wseeve

I was at my school with friends and classmates. I forgot how it started but it was time for the tests for the midterm for my Korean classes. I was going somewhere with my roommate but before I left I wanted to see what time I was. I was first but I thought I had time. I went with my roommate to her class and somehow ended up doing the test for her class. The tests were doing some kind of dance. After it was done, we went back to my classroom and I found out I missed it. At first I thought nothing of it because (in the dream) my roommate missed her time as well and was able to just come in at a different time and still do it for level 1. However, I was then told I couldn’t do that and they were just going to fail me. I was devastated because if I don’t pass the tests, since I was taking level 2 for the second time, I was going to be kicked out and would have to find a different class for my korean studies. Then one of my teachers from level 1 showed up and we started talking to her but she was saying the same thing that I couldn’t do it and my roommate was allowed cause it was just level 1. I wanted to cry (in the dream) and think that’s when I woke up.