Real Life PUBG

Date: 8/12/2017

By Dungeon-Dude

There were some VR technology that put you into a game of pubg. The first few rounds rook place at night in Halver. I bumped into a small kid and made it cry. I really wimpy apologised. The season consisting of me not getting any points ended with me being cucked by some strong naked men. They strung me up by my extremities, including my genitals, and lifted me into the night sky where they taunted me. During this season, I was sometimes me and sometimes some bald guy. At some point, I aproached a camp full of very experienced players in stealth and was shot on the spot. I was also at a party at some bar at the halver train station and later left pissed. My mom ran after me but with no success. I tried hiding behind a small pillar. The next round, some rich guy with a butler and black slave came by car and took me with him. He drove out of the city quite fast and only barely kept on the small dirt paths through the countryside and forests. He took me to a ruined city full of destroyed houses. There were aliens in some ruined concrete building. But they were fake. I saw people set them up before. Then they were shrunk and hid unter glass domes and acted like Barby dolls. But one of their secretaries didn't make it in time and I cought her. The alien Queens face was human, but not finished. Parts of it were a moldy flesh color. I picked at it and tore pieces of "flesh" out of it as I told her " I don't serve errors" and it said error above her head in white letters that were supposed to spell something else. When we went outside, my perspective shifted and I was no H R Gyger of some other alien expert. A team took me out to the countryside to judge the alien ship they've build. They had a mural for small mire lurks from fallout. Then my perspective shifted again. I had made 2nd place in the game, and was now the the lobby looking at a scoreboard. It was nice and sunny. I was really proud of myself. At some point after, I was working for some weird organisation. I was at a concrete bunker with some other adventurers, packing my bag. A voice over the speakers announced that today's mission would be to eat an entire room worth of calories. I was worried because I had already eaten breakfast at that point. Before I headed out, I changed my t shirt and when looking in the mirror, I think I actually saw myself. I was wearing my yellow shirt I had worn the day before. I was heading out really early in the morning. My partner was for some reason still eating. We walked along some forrest path and as the star came out, a truly beautiful night sky could be seen. Which turned into a beautiful day sky full of buildings made from clouds that moved around. I most vividly remember a cloud streetclock. Then the blue sky turned orange, the clock broke and the other buildings in the clouds vanished. We were now in some weird cloud throne room full of snow. Or sugar, probably. But you could dig into it and glide on it like it was snow. Or clouds, perhaps. That was when I was yanked back awake.