sucking off hyungwon

Date: 7/18/2019

By iishgenosisii

I saw a picture on the internet that showed hyungwon hands(they were really big) and I saw a comment that was saying something like ‘that’s why he has a huge dick’ and then I got curious in thought. When I was with Monsta x, hyungwon(who sat next to me) laughed throwing his hands in the air and putting them down, leaving one hand on my thigh. It wasn’t high on my thigh because he wanted to tell me ‘he wanted me but didn’t want to make me uncomfortable’ and be a werido putting his hands straight inside the thighs. We left into this room, it was a pretty room of red and gold. We kissed and undressed ourselves. He put his hand around my neck lifting me and letting me wrap around his waist while we still undressed. Then we went to the bed and I gave him head but it made me upset that every time he put his head back I could see his expression. So cameras appeared above his head so once we finished I’d get footage of his face and expressions. I would also use it to improve my head giving skills and make next time even better because even tho he liked it I felt like I wasn’t doing good enough.