Digital art 4k scene from a movie: She watched as Karianne vomited in the car, feeling a mix of concern and disgust as she tried to figure out the reason behind her friend's sudden illness.

karianne spydde i bilen

Date: 8/30/2019

By monjanse

karianne og jeg var i en leaaingbil. personalet kjørte oss under i undergangen til frakkagjerd ungdomsskole da sa karianne "de e nesten sån som foreldrene..." så spydde hun blå tykk spye på gulvet. hun satt fremme. jeg gikk ut. vi kom på et hotell fra superlekene i tunellen. jeg spurte anbe grete hvorfor karianne spydde i bilen, fordi signe var gått hjem. da sa anne grete at karianbe slo albuen sin og måtte vise tissen, derfir spydde hun. jeg gjemte meg fra karianne som spydde og sa "anne grete vil ikke snakke med deg nå" og da sa jeg "det avgjør hun selv". jeg spurte etter hotellrommet. jeg spurte hva suiten kostet. det kostet 1100 kr timen. vanlig rom kostet 5 kr timen. ekstra for wifi.

AI generated interpretation This dream contains various elements that can be interpreted symbolically to provide insight into your subconscious thoughts and emotions. Here is a breakdown of the key symbols in your dream: 1. Karianne: Karianne may symbolize your relationship with a specific person in your waking life, perhaps someone you view as similar to your parents or who shares similar characteristics with them. The act of her vomiting in the car could suggest a release of emotions or negative feelings related to this person. 2. Leaaingbil (rental car): The rental car could symbolize a temporary or transitional situation in your life. The act of driving under the underpass to the high school may represent revisiting past memories or experiences related to your adolescence. 3. Hotel: The hotel from the "superlekene" could represent a desire for luxury or escapism from your current reality. It may also symbolize a need for relaxation or a break from your daily stressors. 4. Anne Grete: Anne Grete's role in the dream may represent a figure of authority or guidance in your life. Her explanation for Karianne's behavior, attributing it to a physical injury, could suggest a need for understanding or compassion in dealing with difficult situations. 5. Money: The mention of the cost of the hotel rooms could reflect concerns about finances or value in your waking life. The difference in prices between the suite and the standard room may symbolize choices or opportunities that come with varying costs or benefits. Overall, this dream may indicate unresolved emotions, conflicts, or desires that are present in your waking life. It could be helpful to reflect on your relationship with the person represented by Karianne and explore any underlying tensions or feelings that may be influencing your interactions with them. Additionally, consider how the themes of escape and luxury in the dream relate to your current circumstances and any needs or desires you may have.