Dream Job Musical

Date: 3/4/2017

By Fitful

I was out and sitting on a bench in the middle of the park in NYC. It was bursting with primary colors like a musical would have. I was dressed to interview at the best type of job. I was upset reading my resume. Either it could be heard from my thoughts which were overlay like I was narrating, or I was reading a loud. I don't think I was reading a loud. I was reading an impressive list of accomplishments one of which was speaking 6 foreign languages. A woman overheard and like she had been lost in her own musical with her own camera and narrative singing about needing to find someone perfect to hire she just happened to stumble into mine at the perfect moment. While I was reading she came up to read my resume behind me and began marveling at the list too, in harmony with me. All this was overacted like we were doing a musical number without the music. She read the speak 6 language, said "Well I can't even do that," and hired me on the spot. We rushed off to go shopping. The dream was now from my point of view, before it had been like a camera straight at me. She wanted me to pick out stuff to buy her kids, clothes and things. I immediately decided I needed a board with which to fold their clothes and make them look nice when folded. The store clerk, a thin effeminate man quickly rushed us to a computer and took my requirements offering to order anything I needed. It wouldn't get here for 12 weeks however. I was a bit hesitant on that number. I also wanted something else he would have to order. While he was looking up things on his computer, my new employer was naked and posing right beside us. It was tasteful poses like for a high art magazine, but there wasn't a camera and there was an invisible wind. Plus there was the tag line she kept posing for, Yes I Do Eat Meat. Like it was an innuendo. After a bit she wandered off and perused the shelves. Then ordered the clerk to charge whatever we I had discussed with the clerk and told me she was going to get me an expense card. "You know for times like these, when you're buying things for the kids. Expenses like food. On top of your salary of course." It was clear money was no object and I was trusted. I was a little floored at this.