Earthquake in Thailand

Date: 3/31/2019

By fmeib

It felt like I was watching a documentary of the event of an earthquake in Thailand. Minutes before the earthquake, I saw people in a cooking class, making a dessert spring roll. A guy was trying to grab an ingredient or a tool from a shelf and then the earthquake happened and the shelf fell on him. All the things on the shelf were falling down next to him and when the shelf became empty it fell on him as well. His head punched a hole on the shelf and he was trapped in the shelf. Then the entire thing collapsed and brought him down. Next scene people were running around of a yellow clay building and out of a door within the building. The door was stuck so a lady used a already injured person to crack the door open. Once the door was open, she used that person’s body to jam the door so it stayed open and people could get out. And the door banged a few times on the injured’s head, he was killed during the process. Once people got out, she then very violently and aggressively removed the head by just unplugging the head. You could see his ruptured blood vessels and arteries and they were black and dripping blood. Then next scene was a bunch of people running around in other part of the building. The door was stuck and they were trying to get to the higher ground within the building by jumping. But they didn’t have much luck and then that part of the building collapsed on them.