Porn, lesbian nudity, threesomes and candy

Date: 3/31/2017

By 22Glock408

Unsure if it was three dreams or one big one. I think the first one was at Brian's and represented sexual misconduct and imorality in what looked like a Wal Mart or a Target. I then had another dream of being in an older studio apartment complex building. Accidentally walking in the wrong studio and then the right one. She was my friend but in real life I have never seen her before. We were doing our hair and makeup, watching porn, having sex with a guy or guys but Everytime I wanted to it wouldn't happen and she and I would end up alone. We got naked together but when it came down to it even though I was really turned on by her I did not want to give her oral. But I did want her to give me oral. Then either same dream or another dream, I was in what looked like the same old building but the lowest level of it the whole lower level being one big floor. I was with a guy and a woman and we were sitting in a circle on top of mounds of candy. I had candy spilling out of my vagina and I think their private parts were doing the same. They were m & ms. This studio apartment and candy dreams both happened during my falling asleep to the Tibeten singing bowl psychic protection YouTube video music playing. No headphones just with the tablet close to my pillow. I did not take my meds yesterday or this morning before having these dreams. I also did not have any strawberries or herbs or infused water for protection last night with the teddy bear gun dream or these dreams.