went on one date w this kid 2 years ago

Date: 11/23/2016

By ksm464

I'm walking out of class and I see him. Apparently we go to the same school now. We're like right next to each other so I decide to fall back and he decides to start running, but in a hot workout way into this like tall grass while I just keep going. I walk past this grocery store on campus which I would've went in to get away quicker but I didn't wanna look like a loser doing chores|. So I kept going and went into this park put on headphones and walked through it. I hear noise and looked back and he ran to this part of the same park with a hill and stationary binoculours like at touristy areas to see the Statue of Liberty or something. He watched me walk through the whole time I guess but I was expecting and hoping he'd come talk to me. On my way back since it was a dead end, I past the hill binoculour area where he was (he didn't know I knew he was there) and I WAVED to him and I heard like a "oh shit" lol