Sex in shower and a poem in the zen garden.

Date: 5/31/2017

By awalker406

I was on holiday with a bunch of random people. We were staying in this cabin that was under water, in Canada. The holiday was coming to an end and I packing my things but they kept disappearing. Sod this I'll get a shower and have another look again. I turned on the shower and it came out red and orange. I thought how bizarre? I continue on with my shower, when suddenly a beautiful woman joins me in my shower. We began to wash each other. I was so attractive to her and started to kiss her on her neck. From then onwards we had hot sex in the shower. After we both climax, she left the shower and went into the bedroom. I followed her and she disappear will all my other stuff. I panicked "Fuck! How am I going to get home now" Next scene - I was in a zen garden, walking around by myself. I sat on the bench and thought "why is everything so difficult. wish things can be different." Then there was an open book appeared to the left of me. All the pages were blank apart from one. It was a poem by Rupi Kaur. (I remember this poem because it was on my Instagram feed. "Most importantly love, Like it's the only thing you know how, at the end of the day all of this, Means nothing This page, Where you're sitting, Your degree, Your job, The money. Nothing even matters, Except love and human connection. Who you loved, And how deeply you loved them. How you touched the people around you, And how much you gave them.)