Undead lions and Davy Jones

Date: 4/11/2017

By MysterSky8

These 2 lions male and female were undergoing experimentation. They were forced to inhale toxic gas that should kill them, but they survived while knowing that in a sense they are dead. I remember being next to them letting them know everything will be all right, is was sitting on top of them while they were in a bag inhaling the gas and I was petting them trying to comfort them and let them know that there are resources for them to use, and that everything will get better. I myself was like the lions in the fact I was like a living undead, because I went through something similar to the lions. There was this opposing bad guy that attacks me for doing this that reminds me of Davy Jones, he was very octopus like. I remember going down due to injuries and he started to regenerate. Very visually remember one of his eyes coming out and his head while regenerating. The two lions got free from their restraint and I remember they didn't exactly know how to handle me, and they didn't like Davy Jones.