"Sorry, I'll make another cup of tea".

Date: 6/8/2017

By awalker406

The enemy was on a hill looking down. me and my squad manage to flank them, unaware of our whereabouts. We were preparing our attack in a ditch and plan to sneak are way up this hill. We all knew it was a suicidal mission but we were fearless. Slowly and quietly made our way up. We managed to get close to the end. We got in position and attack. They were surprised and some of them didn't know what to do. We shouted "tagged, you it!" Then we all disappeared in different directions. Next scene: I was in bed with a attractive woman. We were about to have sex then suddenly, I hesitated. "I'm not sure I want to do this?" I said to myself. She forced herself on me. I felt so uncomfortable, when eventually I pushed her away. "I'm sorry. I can't" I said to her. I dressed myself quickly and walked out the door. Next scene: Amanda invited me around her new place. I was looking forward to catching up with her because it felt like we haven't seen each other in years. I arrived at a very small house on a council estate. She said that I had to go around the back door. I knocked and she opened the door. We embrace each another's arms. A spot light beam at us. The scene changed and lit up into a big Hollywood dance show with a 100 backing dancers with a water feature and hippos, and on the other side of the stage there were pandas and tigers cubs playing. We started to walked down the steps to the main stage and dance. This was our show! We suddenly busted out tap dancing. We smile and laugh. I'll pull her back into my arms and we taken the same position of how we began. The spot light faded. The scene changed into her kitchen. We untangle from each other and She pour two cups of tea down the sink. "Sorry, the teas went cold, I'll make another one" she said. I looked out of the window. Some men were unload weird objects out of a van. I was surprised of how much stuff they kept had in this van. I turn to Amanda. We suddenly aged into our 40's. "I've messed up with the teas. I'm so sorry, Tony". She pour the teas down the stink again. " I'll make another one, why don't you sit in the living room and watch some tv" she suggested. I sat down and turned on the tv. It was my worst fear... clowns!!! I felt so uncomfortable, I had to turn it over but the remote wasn't working. I panicked and thru the tv out of the window. "Thank god for that!". I sat down on the sofa. Suddenly two electricians, a family with two kids and a delivery guy from Sainsbury's came walking down the stairs and walked out the back door. "How odd?" I thought to myself. Amanda walked in with the teas. We've aged into our 50's. She sat beside me. "I need to talk with you, about something" she said. She explain that she lived alone and that she wanted me to visit her more often. I could see how lonely she was by the look on her face. She wanted me to have the back door key. I didn't understand, why the back door and not the front door. I challenge her and she got very defensive. "Just stay away from the front door!" She warned me. There was a awkward pause. We both took a sip of our tea. "This tea is disgusting. I'll make another one" she said. I was confused because the tea tasted prefect. We both go into the kitchen. We've aged furthermore into our 60's. I offer to help her make the tea. She handed me the back door key and said "please don't open the front door, whatever you do". I agreed. She took a sip of her tea and relief washed away from her. "That's a good cuppa" she said. It was a good cuppa but it tasted not different than the one before. We're now in our 70's. "I need to sleep. Can you help me, my hip is playing up" she said. I helped her up the stairs, to her bedroom. She got into bed. She wanted me to join her. I did. We cuddle each other for a while. Now we're in our 80's. She slept so beautiful and peaceful. I untangle myself and tuck her in with care. Someone or thing started banging the front door. I wanted to stay but I knew I had to go. I carefully went down stairs in the kitchen. The banging at the front door got louder and louder. It made me angry. I wanted to confront what was behind that door, what Amanda feared from. I turned to face the back door. Now I'm in my 90's. I see a blue book on the kitchen table. It was open with photos of us. I just stared at the photos before place a sliver ring and the key she gave me on the exposed pages. I walked out the back door, carefully close the door behind me.