Trying to find a pair of converse. And knowing Sookie from Gilmore Girls

Date: 3/27/2019

By Ether_Erebus

Something happened before this as well, but I don’t remember all of it. It had to do with Gilmore Girls. They acted like they all knew me, especially Sookie. Idk, it was really weird. Was advertising Samreet around campus (idk why) but it was at UTM. Then, as I’m doing it someone was like “We don’t care shut up!” And this was in the little area in front of the Express Tim Hortons in CCT. So I shout back “uh yeah, how about you go fuck yourself”. And I look over and it’s Pinder saying that. I’m like “whoaaa!” And I run towards him and give him a hug and start talking to him. For some reason I also order a pair of converses. And I’m eating pizza. Weird, but I’m waiting for my shoes and Taji comes out of no where with a picture of my room (which doesn’t look like mine) but pulls it up and I have a 2 floating shelves and the one on the top has the fake Cacti from aritzia and a bunch of other gold and white stuff. As I’m speaking about it Pinder comes and starts to roast me about it, in a fun way, and then we go back and forth bickering. I’m waiting on a pair of white converse and when they come I put them on and they’re too big. I send them back and I’m eating a different slice of pizza, and they come back with another pair that’s also too big. So I send them back and start speaking to another lady who’s there and runs the Shoe Store (in the middle of my school idk doesn’t make sense) and she’s speaking about how university life is tough and how the sun is going down and making everything really sad. The atmosphere turns blue, literally and figuratively; like after a sunset the sky is still alight but covered in a “blue” filter. And then as I get my pair of shoes, I ask, “they’re a smidge small, but they’ll wear out as I wear them right?” And the lady hesitates before replying, “Uhmm sure.” And then I wake up while in my dream I was putting on a new pair of shoes and eating really intense onion pizza.