Racing & I wanna be with ...

Date: 4/24/2017

By richilye

This dream was very vivid, from start to finish I didn't question reality. I was at some apartment with my family and a lot of my cousins. Then a girl who was with us (I knew her name in the dream...) decided to prepare a racing around the block. I joined in because I liked to play with her. We went out to the nearby park , which was beside the apartment building. She said there would be the start point and we would have to race through some buildings and circle around the block, then the first who reaches the apartment's left garage wins. I followed her through the course. It starts by entering a parking lot of a building, running to the 2nd Floor, jumping from a window to a house, then running out of the on the roof, and exiting using the door, there was a bit more, but I forgot, it was still a bit walking on roofs. We raced around 3 or 4 times. there was some of my cousins and a random guy who I didn't know. The last time it was sunset already, and I got left behind 'cause I was tired. Then I felt like I didn't wanna let that guy win, so I tried to catch up. no success, when I finished, it was night time already, the girl was standing there in front of the left garage. My dad and my uncle, and some guys were eating barbecue and drinking. I went up to the girl and asked who won, and she said "I don't know" with a somewhat sad voice. So I decided to pinch her cute face, 'cause she have one of those cute face with those big cheeks , which are cute to stretch. (Yaa, that's how I annoy some of my cousins too, my other cousin does that too) then I pinched both her cheeks and started to stretch it. Then she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and put her tongue out, I was trying to understand what she was doing, when my dad and one of my Uncles said "Hey, she likes him, she is offering a kiss" , then she nods her head yes. I looked at her and started to think "Should I kiss her?... she is nice... but I wanna be with [Redacted].".", then I stopped pinching her cheeks and pet her head, then she went back inside smiling. I saw my mom outside, going in direction to the right garage, I asked her what she was going to do, but she said to me to stay in silence, then I asked her when we were going home, then she said maybe tomorrow, then I was like "but I didn't bring my laptop, nor my cellphone charger", then she kept walking and went inside the bathroom, she was probably gonna call someone, so I closed the gate a bit, so no one would see. I was heading back to the apartment, when thoughts came flying with confusion... "Why didn't I kiss her, is it really the right thing to do?", while I was going upstairs... "But I wanna be with [Redacted]." , "But something like this might never happen again..." , "I wanna be with [Redacted]."...!" then I kept thinking this last part over and over, until I reached the apartment, it felt like as if I was arguing with someone inside my head, as if there is two minds controlling one body. I went to the bedroom and saw 5 or 6 mattress on the ground for us to pass the night, my cousins were there, and there was 2 laptops with them, I thought one of those were mine, but I took a look and it wasn't, some of the others were playing on the phone. The girl was lying down on my bed, facing down, and I was like "Welp, she is there now... how am I gonna tell her that..." I closed the door and heard one of my cousins calling me to karaoke with them, they said they were going to put a portuguese rap, although the raper's name was english... then I said no and told that I was going to the bathroom. They turned the music on and the lyrics started to appear in front of me... for some reason I thought that was normal. I needed to pee badly, so I sat down and tried to pee, then my dick went up and spurt a bit out, and I was like "shit, why did it go up..." then I held it down and tried to pee again, but it came out with an overwhelming force and went out the same way, when it hit the water with that force, it even went up on my back, then I got like "Ewwww... how do I stop this", meanwhile the lyrics were still going, I decided to wait a little and calm down, 'cause I would probably need to take a shower. The song was reaching it peaky, the guy was singing so fast that he couldn't even say any words, it was just weird sounds, and the lyrics were showing just a bunch of letters, not even words also. I was trying to understand wtf was this, hen I decided to finish peeing, and it felt weird and I woke up... Gladly I didn't pee myself while forcing in the dream.