Betty from bombgirls

Date: 8/18/2017

By sharkey161

So i was working at this place where we make frozen type dinners kind of like cracker barrel,then some one shows me this elevator that goes down a whole bunch of floors and i end up going to the bottom floor there there was a whole bunch of people, then i notise betty from bombgirls (its an extremely good show i suggest you watch it) i walk up to her and she looks kinda sad so i grab her hand and say hey, she instantly perks up we both smile at eachother, she tells me about her self, but already know it all bc i watch the show. She then says something about how she is supermans daughter and how there could be an escaped villan and i didnt beleive her. We kiss and then she becomes concerned about the villan and i was like okay fine lets go see if there is an escaped villan, she goes down the elivator and says she does not care any more and that she just wants me then we kiss again.