The City Of Future Liquid

Date: 7/1/2017

By Joey23400

I first remember being on a German Second World War submarine with my father. He had hands and arms that could turn into massive crab arms and when he got angry, he developed the crab arms and his height became twice as tall. He then killed a man operating the ship and I tried to hide inside the closet but the doors of the closet wouldn't open up. I hid behind furniture in complete terror as he tore it apart, flying the furniture away. After a cut from my remembrance of 'The Isle', he was calmly talking with me and I was talking to him too (but I couldn't understand what we were talking about). Then he said to me to 'take care of the controls' and he magically disappeared outside the submarine window. Then I remember feeling anxious with controlling the submarine when suddenly the doors inside the submarine crashed open and water flushed in, gushing at me when I felt a cold darkness and silence. I then (inside the dream) opened my eyes to see that I was lying on the sandy beach, washed upon the shore. I hallucinated a massive wave heading towards the beach, then I stared at a city full of modern architectural skyscrapers which lookee similar to the city on the beach in Inception/The Gold Coast in Australia. After reaching at the top of the beach, some police told me something about 'a wave so big that it would reach Aberdeen'. I then suddenly transport somehow to Aberdeen (My old hometowm in Australia) and I am standing in my dogs' large kennel when I hear the crashing of waves and that is when I wake up.