The Game

Date: 4/6/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was in a room that looked like a mixture of mine, my sister's and Matthew's. i just started playing a game on the computer. Everyone was playing too, on other devices, we were like twenty people. We were like twenty people playing the same game. Near to me there were Tullia and Carolina. Everyone seemed to know things about the game I didn't know. It was addicting. None of us knew where we were, whose house it was we were into nor why were we playing that game. But everyone did, without questioning. It was about a couple, divided into multiple minigame-like levels. The first one had as a target not to let a gay couple form. Sprites were scrolling down the screen and you had to "stop the gay couple from forming". Everyone of these game was quite sick. And nonsense. And creepy. But everyone was sitting like a zombie in front of the screen.