lucid dream #5 4500$ check

Date: 2/16/2017

By Jimmy

I forget where i was but a guthy dropped me off at a water park and said she would be back later to pick me up so i got there and did some things like go to the bathroom and got a fastpass i get to a water slide and go up it instead of going up stairs i get up to a middle section when u cant climb it anymore because its too slippery i drop down to a middle platform that some workers and people waiting to get on the slide are at i see some stairs and go around this pole to get to them then i fall down a water slide i was carring dome things i forget what but i lose that stuff and im pissed off so i run out the exit but a worker follows me with a check she says im not paying for this u already gave some money for the park so i will put that towards this its 4500$ my boss gave it to me i chase her down the exit but she goes in the womens bathroom then i get in a breakdown and think about running so i want to call dad to ask him what to do but when i reach for my phone its not there and i think it must have came out on the slide now im really in a breakdown and am conteplating running away from the park and trying to get my phone im walking through the park now its dark out and its abandoned and i start thinking about mary madelines dream and thinking i wish this was a dream then i started thinking and realized non of this adds up i take out my phone and start calling jock and then i think wait i didnt have my phone then i look at my hand and at first i see nothing wrong then i see 6 fingers and say to jock i am dreaming anf throw the phone down and jump up in the air i start demanding clarity but my vision gets blurry then i teleport to the trailer and its the most clear i have ever saw a dream then it quickly starts fading i try to keep it clear try to stay in the dream but its starts getting really hard to talk like when i talk im trying to get my real body to talk then all of a sudden i say clarity in real life in my bed and realize i just had my shortest and worst lucid dream ever but its my only one that went on for a really long toke before becoming lucid and my only nightmare turned lucid