The Castle and Demon

Date: 2/5/2017

By Unisai

This dream happened awhile ago. I'm just adding it to my journal. Enjoy. It will also be fairly short since my memory is quite foggy of this. The setting was obviously a Castle. It was old, like the ones you'd find in movies. A storm was raging outside. The night left the outside too dark to see much. I looked out the window to see if anything was out there. Nothing was out there from the first window. Just a little river with a hill leading down to it. I looked through a second window. Lightning flashed as I looked out. Near the tiny waterfall in the creek/river, a figure stood, large, tall, scary. It was facing away from the window so all I saw was its back. It scared me as the lightning flashed showing the figure. Like I said I can't remember much. I swear something happened after it but I got nothing. I will be posting more of my old dreams to remember them and write them down for people to read. Thanks.