Snippets of Perspective

Date: 8/6/2017

By Fitful

I was a kid, a girl, going to school. I was very awkward and didn't have much confidence. I kept a small bottle of alcohol in the side pocket of my backpack. I accidentally put on underwear which were too small and they were hurting so I ripped all the seams. Then they fit. ~ I was a boy, and we were buying a new house. I get the feeling I was either autistic or a genius or both, they way my mother treated me was as if I was fragile and/or psycho, like I might snap. The first room I saw was green and I liked the color. I didnt like other colors but this green as nice and I was willing to accept it. The next room I saw was white and filled with books, and the books were white. I liked that room as well. Each role I saw warped in my vision, the color led and change but stayed mostly the same. The white wasn't solid like you see in houses nowadays, instead it was edged in black as if purposefully distressed. ~ I was best friends with a girl. For the first part of the dream everytime I visited I interacted with her unique and colorful family but the end of the dream I was visiting and I came in the house to see all the crows drawn on the walls. Little crows, everywhere, beautiful and artistic. Her mother (not her mother?) told me it was her but she had always said it was someone else who drew the crows. I had believed her up until now but I saw the truth finally. She was insane and talking to nothing. There while family she talked to and spent all her time with weren't real at all, I suppose I never saw them to begin with. It was a little distracting to be in a room with her, visiting, and have her constantly talking with imaginary others. It made me sad. ~ I was in a classroom and the technology was epic, if you didn't move the entire room seems to be in the clouds, hovering over a green landscape. It was glorious, like HD detail and it was a hologram you sat inside, it covered all the walls and the desks. If you moved the edges of the hologram warped a bit and you could see through the illusion. It was amazing. ~ This was a huge storyline but again I only recall the end. This woman was constantly escaping from prison, and then getting dragged back, but she was heavily involved in a war and eventually we needed her. I went to break her out, planning on returning her when I was done. I used pasta noodles to pull her up by the teeth then through the ceiling. I surprised her by speaking Chech And I surprised myself, because it sounded like English but I knew it was Chech. ~ Some one decided to nickname me Cloudkittybird. Idk why. Another person was talking about my reflecting brain.