Weird fish🐟 β€’ David Dobric in my dream again...doing things to me...πŸ˜—

Date: 5/22/2017

By madnewman13😼

I dreamt that I was with my crush and his cousin and we were riding on a ride similar to the Jurrasic Park ride at Universal Studios in Orlando that I have ridden before. This time before it dropped eighty feet, I was hanging off the edge, almost falling out. I luckily got back in. The drop ended up only being 10 feet, too. So we got of and ended up on this beach that was full of people. Everyone was swimming and having a good time it seemed. Suddenly I saw this dark figure in the water, it looked like a giant cat fish. When it came out of the water to reveal itself, it wasn't a giant cat fish at all. I actually couldn't quite identify it. I almost looked like a giant sardine with bulging eyes. It wanted to make friends with people but everyone thought it was scary and ran away screaming out of the water. It came up to I and starred I down. It was kind of creeping I out... 😳 So the next part of my dream I was still with my crush and his cousin Meghan. We were all chasing each other with some other random kids I knew from my school. My brother and sister were there, too. We were all around this raised cement platform playing tag where YouTuber David Dobric was sitting with some of his buddies. My crush suddenly came up behind I and tackled me, making I laugh. I tumbled onto David who laughed also and said, "Woah! Take it easy!" He was still laughing. "Sorry," I said. "Oh it's okay, I really don't mind..." And so then he began to hold my hand right next to his girl friend Liza ( who I also love!). I didn't hold back. I let him embrace my hand. Then he embraced my body, and started doing... Things. I still didn't pull away. We started having sex for a little bit, and I guess nobody cared. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚