Car bomb

Date: 8/27/2017

By leepoling

Talking in car with mom about how she likes going to Texas comic con which she calls texicon. Stoped on highway (traffic?). Man walks up to my side of car an holds his hand like he wants to give me change. I don't roll down window. Man had shoulder length blond hair parted down middle covered face. He wore a black hoodie unzipped. He put what is in had on our hood. We see sparks. Start driving hoping to knock bomb off. Still see sparks. Suddenly school bus going wrong way slams into cars in front of us. More cars going wrong way but not majority. We drive. Road starts exploding and rubble spots everywhere. Smoke makes it hard to see. Mom drives to shoulder to get away from cars. More cars are crashing in front of us. Still have bomb. Wake up.