He tries to take revenge but ends up falling in love

Date: 5/22/2019

By 2na

So in this dream there were 2 families that were super close to each other, let’s call them family A and family B. They were both wealthy families and the dads were best friends. It was winter and family A had a younger daughter that went out in the snow alone and died because it was too cold. For some reason the older brother in family A thought it was family B’s fault that his younger sister died. So he took family B’s younger brother and older brother on a boat ride and pushed the older brother off the boat into the icy water in front of the younger brother as a form of revenge. But no one knows that Family B’s older son actually survived and went into hiding. Fast forward and the sons are in their late 20’s and the younger son is in his mid 20’s (?). The younger son in Family B who watched his brother get pushed in the lake doesn’t hold a grudge. He is the peacemaker. Family A’s older son is satisfied about what he did and is now engaged to this woman who is an artist. His fiancée lives in Family A’s house always drawing a girl she doesn’t know. One day Family B’s older son who is presumably dead sneaks into family A’s house. Family B’s older son meets Family A’s fiancée. He has this plan of seducing her a revenge since the family A’s son loves her a lot. The artist isn’t phased LOL but instead goes along with it because she doesn’t want to marry family A’s son, she loves family B’s younger son and he also loves her too (and she doesn’t know that the man she’s with is family B’s older son). Family B’s older son ends up falling in love with her but she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. She is depressed she has to marry a man she doesn’t love and ends up sleeping with Family B’s older son out of desperation. She finds out she’s pregnant months later. Family B’s older son is happy because that means she will have to marry him instead (he has forgotten about the revenge and is thinking about his love for her). She is happy she is pregnant because that means she can cancel the engagement. BUT SHE STILL DOESNT KNOW THAT THE MAN SHE IS WITH IS THE OLDER BROTHER OF THE MAN SHE IS IN LOVE WITH.