Creepy Costumed People

Date: 8/6/2017

By toxxicduck

I was at Leticia's house. Her house looked like Janiece's old house, all small and nice looking. It was day time and sun was coming in through the windows. There were people in costumes sitting at her table, I remember a bear specifically. I don't know why they were there or who they were, just accepted it. They were all eating or playing a game at the table, just being busy. I kept walking through the house past them, not really paying much attention to them, but finding them a bit creepy. Then I was at my own house, but it still looked like Janiece's. I was in my bedroom (J's old bedroom) writing notes for a pen and paper game that Leticia and I were going to play. I had it all written on lined scraps of paper instead of a character sheet. I gathered all my papers up and went out to get ready to go to Leticia's. There was a bed in the living room and Mom was sleeping in it. She was just waking up from me opening the door. Mom was very groggy and tired. I was excitedly telling her about our PnP game. She doing the typical feign-interest nodding that parents do. I went around the house gathering up more pnp pages. The house was a mess, I am just now remembering. It was just Mom and I and we were living like a couple of hoarders. Before leaving again, something scary happened with those costumed creatures at my house. I just remember looking out the window and suddenly the bear costumed guy was right next to me. I feel like he was attacking, but I woke up before anything violent happened. Probably inspired by Five Nights at Freddie's or something...