Date: 7/16/2017

By PattothePenguin

I was a dog. Don't know what kind, but I was. I was a golden dog, though. And I had electrical powers. There was a black dog next to me. Then I saw bad guys and I chased them. Some time during the chase, I turned back to human. I was chasing bad guys with other people. When I finally caught up with one of them, it was some one we knew. The guy helping me said, Mathew? What are you doing. It was the guy from the fast and furious, then one that's a traitor. Don't know his actual name, but in my dream that's what it was. Stuff happened, and then we started running. The wife of the bad guy was part of a band called the Bagels. She and two other woman were dressed in pink. Before we started running, we had to ask her dad if the Bagels could come with us so we could protect them. Her son came two. The dad told me that it wasn't his fault that his son in law was evil. Then we started running. Only the wife followed, the other two did run, just not with us. Eventually, though, they did run. That's all I remember.