The Super Bowl Princess

Date: 2/12/2017

By LainSol

My family and I were at the super bowl, and during the halftime show, they brought out a little girl with curly blonde hair and a sparkly pink and yellow dress. I recognized her from a "Scholastic" article. She was going to read part of a book with her mother, but she ran away screaming before she could do so. My mom and I quickly filled in, me replacing the little girl and her replacing the mother. After we finished with the part that we were supposed to read, the music show started and we left to go back home. I talked about how much I hated that girl, and how much I wanted to strangle her while reading her article a few years ago. I had tried to film her messing it up, but I didn't get it at the right angle. Mom and my grandmother (Gigi) were very upset that I was happy about the girl messing up. "Rainbows and sparkles can't fix everything in life! Sometimes you have to get off of your butt and fix it yourself!" I shouted. Gigi then got upset with me even more for "offending her religion". I talked to Andria (my little sister) about it, and she wanted to show me something. She pulled out a picture that we had made when we were really young. It was of my other grandmother's backyard. It was beautiful. Andria had put stickers all over the picture, though, since she was 5 at the time. I decided to show Mom, and she liked it, too. Andria and I were sitting in the driveway at the time, and I saw something sparkling in the woods. I walked up to it, and knew right away what it was. It was a small watch on a chain, and it could take you back in time. I decided to use it. I wanted to go back to that moment when the girl ran away and get a closeup of her tantrum. Everything went bright, and then I was back on the field, the watch still in my hand. I had teleported to the middle of the field, and I was not hidden. Everybody could see me. I knew the rules of time travel, and if I changed too much at one time, the whole event would collapse out of time. I teleported back to my house the same way that I came, and sat in the grass disappointed that the girl's temper tantrum never happened in anybody else's mind.