The boyfriend I haven't met yet?

Date: 7/15/2017

By Purple

In my dream, I was in my own apartment. It was bigger than any place I've lived in before—by myself, without roommates, that is. I must have had a few guests over, because there was some confusion as to who was using which set of towels. I wondered where mine went, because the neat and folded towels I left for my guest were still there, and my towels were not where I usually keep them. I concluded my guest must have thought my (slightly used) towels were for him. Eww! LOL! My boyfriend (in the dream, as I don't have one in the waking world) was also confused and we got into a small fight about it. Things seemed to be really tense between us. I didn't see his face in this scene. Scene changed. I saw my boyfriend (and his face—what a handsome guy!) sitting down. He was sitting at a break in the intersection in the middle of the street, kind of like those you see on Park Avenue in Manhattan. I was just overwhelmed by how cute he was and how lucky I was to have him as my bf. I walked up to him and smiled, and said how cute he was, and can I take him home with me! Then in an exaggerated fashion, I tackled him and gave him a kiss. He was taken by surprise, and we laughed, looking into each other's eyes. He asked, "What happened to us? Why aren't we playful like that any more?" Dream ended, but immediately, these thoughts followed: I didn't know. I guess relationships, like growing up, don't have the same magic—or we don't give it our magic any more. A really great life lesson for me to stop taking life so seriously, and to "take a break in life's traffic" to enjoy each other, be spontaneous, and be in the moment to live and to love.