missing piano and weird party

Date: 7/2/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in a party of some sort with my family. There were a lot of familiar faces and i was having fun despite hating parties. I was wearing a black leather jacket and black leather gloves that were too big for my small hands. Then i was on the sofa and someone had a small toy piano. I wanted to play it but could only play a few tunes before it was passed around. After a while it went missing and i went out to look for it. My family and some other people were singing karaoke happily and clapping and were dancing. Meanwhile on the other side of the house there were a group of people with weird colorful african looking masks that were dancing a hula song or idk. I found it extremely weird. It looked like they were wearing colorful event clothes like from mardi grass events. I had my phone on and found the missing piano by taking pictures of a mirror. The piano was reflecting off of a mirror that showed my backyard so i ran to the backyard to look for it. But i was tricked! The piano wasnt on my backyard cos there was another mirror that was reflecting the first mirror that showed the piano in another location. I was laughing out loud and really loosing my head with giddyness over this fact. I even shouted "holy cow the piano was in another place this whole time! The mirror tricked me! Like a mirror within a mirror!" Idk it was weird, but i was extremely happy that i found the piano.