Party at home and poop?

Date: 3/10/2017

By FatGoose

I was at home but it felt like when my parents still lived there. Haseeb and his family were there and we were having dinner or a party or something. I was going all over setting up things and talking to people. Haseeb's dad kept asking me questions about what I was doing with my life and it felt like he was grilling me and telling me I wasn't doing good enough. It felt like morning which was strange. I think I kept mentioning something about my older brother even though I only have an older sister and no other siblings. My cat and dog didn't seem to exist either. I really had to poop after a while so I went upstairs to the master bedroom and started pooping in the bathroom. I was looking out the window when I saw Sarah come home. She parked in the driveway instead of the garage and it looked like. It felt like she was coming over to visit like when she was my girlfriend. Not coming home as my wife. When I woke up I had a massive fart which explains the poop sensation in the dream.