What a Convenience

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

I stood in the middle of a parking lot with my mother's Accord, presuming that she actually gave me permission to drive it (she never does in reality). I looked around and gazed at the pitch black sky that was only brightened by dimmed street lights, trying to figure out where I am, then glanced back at the car. A blue-colored smiley bumper sticker appeared on the back next to the license plate, as I watched the silver Accord speed down the freeway... Confuzzled on what just happened and how to get the car back, I walked into the generic convenience store and was greeted by what looked like Eric Harris. He led me to the front corner of the store where reruns of Beavis and Butthead were airing on an old, black tv. We watched a few episodes together while hearing people walked in and out of the store behind us, disregarding two socially awkward young adults entertained by 90's cartoons. I am then dragged to a "sexy" room tinted with red and purple light at the back of the store. A short-haired blonde woman greeted me; Eric vanished, leaving me alone with her. The unnamed woman then attempted to lay me on a purple-sheeted bed and eat me out, but stops after a few minutes when it is clear that I do not enjoy other women. I escaped from the back room to meet Eric again as he pulled out a Hi-Point 995/handgun and shot everyone in the convenience store, leading us both out of the store to my Accord past the dead/dying bodies. I would love to discuss dream with any experts out there as to what any of this means 😂😂