Tales of Great Spectacles

Date: 5/13/2017

By jacentaaa

It all started with the book. It was tan. Possibly leather bound with dark olive pressed writing. It was so old. Falling apart at the seams but I had every story sewed together. I was in a dark room with my mom. She was sweeping. Then the spiders came. 3 huge spiders she doesn't see them. I'm freaking out. I run and grab a mop to squish them. I come back and they're gone. She asks me what in the world is wrong. I bring her over to the table and open a old wicker picnic basket like I had as a child. Inside it is the book. On the spine it reads Tales of Great Spectacles. I open the it to reveal all the stories individually stitched together. There's about 20 of them. On the inside of the front cover there's a colorful picture of a coin. It has a toucan on it. I tell her it all started when the coin appeared on my wrist. I turn my hand over to show her. I had 3 small black tattoos across my wrist. And poorly placed on top of them was a bright replica sunk into my skin of the the coin in the book. I start to read the book again as if I'm obsessed with it. My dad comes in and asks to read it. I angrily say no, from fear of what will happen to him. What will happen to me. Then Cayla appears. She's small, about 6. Like I remember her. She's crying. I walk up to her and ask what's wrong. She tells me she has to move to Florida. She has to leave us and this place behind. I reassure her that it'll be okay and as long as she keeps her heart pure, her home will follow her wherever she goes. I start listing places and she giggles and asks if those can all be her home at once... She grins really big and hugs me a huge bear hug. Then she pulls back, looks at me, and tears start to run down her cheeks again. She tells me how much she's going to miss her big sissy. :( Next part of the dream. It's raining. I'm trying to find her an umbrella. I thought I left it on my dads van which was as long as a train it seemed. I had to get her and jake off to school. I was in a hurry. I couldn't find the umbrella. But I found a $20 bill in the floorboard. I made note to give it back to my dad. Then I'm in a car with jake. There's snow on the ground and he's speeding. I remember being upset bc I wanted to drive. He has a car, I thought, he gets to drive all the time. I was pouting until the car started to slide. I yelled at him to slow down. He wouldn't. I knew I had to buck up to him and take control. I also knew that he would get mad and buck back. Then I woke up.