Date: 5/10/2019

By big.fat.meanie.zucchini

I was in some kind of coastal town - green fields by a beach vibes. Bipedal primeapes that could talk (hundreds of them) all boarded "surfboards" in pairs and floated away from the coast on the water and into the night. There is a comedic moment with two of them where they exchange banter and one gets pushed off - cannot remember the destination. After the they leave, giant beings that look like they're made out of strings of light, or silver tinsel, rise out of the water. At their core is a ball of this light string, almost like a cocoon. As they get closer to the coast their cores separate from their bodies and float down towards the water, stop at the surface and unravel, revealing two toddlers. "They look like they know" is a thought I have during this moment. They hover above the water for a split second and small icy wings are suddenly attached to them. They float across the water and to the shore where they are greeted by us, the townsfolk. We all lay on the grass in the field and look up at the stars together. The sky is huge and filled with wonders. It seems we've been waiting for them.