Lonely is the Scapegoat

Date: 5/25/2017

By Fitful

I was living in a dorm situation, it this old abandoned building, perhaps a converted warehouse. The upper floors were falling apart, rickety wood and stairs with holes and everything falling past. The dorms were based on the ground floor along with the offices and everything else. I was in a room with a few girls, between 5 and 10 beds each. I tried to be friendly with some, and it went alright, but I kept my stuff, all my world possessions upstairs on the 3 or 4th floor where there was a giant ape guarding them. He wouldn't let anyone go up there, he attacked everything in sight which is another reason the upper floors were uninhabitable. I also kept them under a key code which alerted authorities if the right code wasn't punched in within a certain time frame. I didn't really trust anyone not to steal my stuff, and I did my best to make do and be friendly. The guards in this place were annoying, and the whole thing ran like an oiled government machine, eagerly forward but to the discomfort of us all who had to live here. There were a few women I was trying to get along with, I was worried about them. One was so depressed she curled up in bed and slept all day. I tried to talk to her, explain why being depressed wasn't necessary, I knew I could do it too, I had good information. But when I went to talk her out of her depression, I began with a frightful leading statement and wasn't able to follow through because the guards demanded everyone go to bed. The light went out and I had to wait til morning. But it was too late she had killed herself in the night and I was blamed, a lot for people hated me after that. I tried to be friends with other people but I'd didn't work out either. Then a girl I liked, romantically, was moved into my room, I was excited. But the boss of the place decided I was going to to be reviewed, she didn't like me and was going to recommend execution. Apparently there was a clause that if you didn't fit in here they could kill you instead of turn you out as they normally would people who didn't follow the rules. I was upset but a kind guard guy who i was friendly with decided to help me sneak out. He brought me a pizza and gummy vitamins and a black and yellow messenger bag for my computer and I was intending to sneak out, I was i the process of it, but I was so sad at being rejected I began crying hysterically. I had shoved the pizza into my bag with the computer, along side it, and it slid around in the box. Upset I pulled out a piece of pizza and it had lost the sauce, which had slid to the the bottom of the box, since it was not on its side, and only this awful layer of cheese was there. The pizza tasted bad, the worst I've ever had in my life. But the boss suddenly changed her mind and came to get me. Maybe it was a change of power, the dream changed a lot, and suddenly my Nana was in charge of the place and it was more a huge old crumblling mansion than a warehouse. The dorms didn't dissappear but the mansion was dark inside a lot. I kept thinking about leaving anyway, even though I was dating someone. My Nana was a bit crazy, she was a vampire and kept doing odd things like feeding on me without my knowledge, on my stomach, and other people too. She didn't approve of the gummy vitamins. My mom and little brother lived there too, and both were unhappy being under Nana's thumb. They often were outside, and no one wanted to spend all lot of time in the dark house so I was often really lonely and upset that no one wanted to be around me. I tried to go get my stuff down from the 3rd floor, but it was too heavy and the stairs had been broken and I couldn't figure out how to get the stuff down. I wanted to leave, I was really planning on moving, but the stuff now was an encumbrance. And the ape wasn't keen on me either, in his space or whatever. He beat on the door with the key code and accidentally rang the fire alarm, which triggered a small fire in the upper levels of the house. The fire trucks came, and ambulance and Nana said I had to move my things. They hadn't caught on fire but they couldn't be there anymore. The girl I was into was upset because she was always hungry. She was also a Vampire. Whilst speaking to her she hinted that I could feed her, it wasn't much of a hint just a halted 'do you think -?' , she was tentative. I agreed eagerly, willing to help her of course. I couldnt be a Vampire, since I was vegan, but feeding one wasn't out of the question. Later I was having a conversation with my mom. My mom and little brother were also vampire. And I actually offered to feed her and my little brother. She was shocked and relieved by that, apparently whenever she fed from Nana, Nana exacted a lot of prices for the blood she and Dragon took, uncomfortable prices. It didn't bother me but I decided I needed a house, and I needed to make a million dollars to keep us good. A business man was visiting and overheard me, I went up and slung a arm around his father neck, he resembled a tweedle dee or dum type, that egg shaped fat body. I asked him how to make a million dollars, and laughed he fell into his office with me I mean litterally we fell to the floor. He didn't see to notice this was unusual and continued the conversation with his business partners in the office talking about how to make a million dollars as he got up and dusted himself off. Clearly he was pleased and flattered I'd asked, and they began talk on about a woman, some blonde daft looking this with long legs in black stilleto pumps, who'd made 16 million dollars then went off to live in a trailer park in Modesto.