The Kangaroo and the Koala

Date: 8/29/2016

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Apparently over the years my Nanna had saved and rehabilitated heaps of animals. For some reason I lived with my Nanna and pop and there was a small room out the back for larger animals. One day I was walking around the neighbourhood and somehow came across an injured koala and kangaroo. I bought them back to the house and put them in the back room. Over night, I noticed the kangaroo wasn't in the back room anymore but it was in another room that didn't have a door that could lock. (I don't know how it changed rooms ?) So because of this, I couldn't lock the door. The kangaroo then jumped out and tried to attack me, and at the same time the koala was still sitting peacefully in the small back room. I called my pop over and we managed to push it back into the old room it was in. Then my Nanna came in and decided that we could let it out into the wilderness again (and the koala)