Time Traveling? Awoke feeling wiser

Date: 7/27/2019

By alexolsen

I dont remember much about the dream. But when I awoke it felt like I had traveled for many years, all around the world. I had seen mom off on another journey, I had let will go. I went off and had fun with another guy because he saw me playing nintendo DS. We were on a cliff up on a dune. But his body wasn’t tight and lovely like Will’s was. we hung out for a while up there. like time went by. A very heavy woman I had seen earlier was up there slightly thinner. I said “You look amazing!” and she looked at me so angry. I panicked, “not that you didn’t look amazing before, i just mean you look healthy happy” but she was so angry so I just took full blame: “I’m so. sorry. that was inappropriate and not my place to say. please forgive me.” I know one of my worst traits is inability to accept humility and say I’m sorry, so it surprised me when I said this. It was the first indication time had passed. but finally we started falling down this huge dune til we got all the way to the bottom. I left again for many years. The bottom of the dune signifies another layer of life. When time stopped flying by again, I was back on top of the dune, looking down. a small girl named rue, perhaps indian, (maybe a symbol of teja?) wanted to visit me. she was several years older now. “do you know how much it costs to get there!” she said showing me a newspaper, orange and with lists of fares; it was for ferries so I must’ve been on the coast. “the fare was $17 dollars!!” when i go off again for the air again, i said (it felt like a lie to cover up because why would i be in air force) then i’ll send money next time so you can visit, i smiled. i walked over to the guy that i think was will. he was still with the girl, i could see her down below playing with rue’s big brother. and i could tell she saw me. “still with her huh?” i said to will, distance separating us (maybe time, if dune was time?) and then i began my decent down the dune again. at the bottom were LC friends, like Alexa and Lucy. someone was taking a photo of an air plant and trying to name it. i was walking into bathroom and yelled “tillsandia airplant” as i shut the door. they all laughed about how i could always name what plant it was. i felt at peace. i had at least stayed true to myself and still loved plants. i pulled the bathroom door shut into darkness. i woke up.