Kirby Crate, Ink Bubble, Environmental Activist

Date: 3/13/2017

By seascarlet

1: I got a Kirby crate in the mail. (Yeah the Nintendo character.) It was a box filled with nothing but Kirby merchandise. I was really excited and thought it was the best thing ever. There were watches, note pads, figurines, a box within the box with even more Kirby, a Kirby beach ball and even two lawn chairs somehow with Kirby all over them. One lawn chair was normal pink Kirby and the other was a scary but still cute purple ghost Kirby with his mouth open and jagged. I thought I may just have to devote a whole drawer somewhere to Kirby. I showed Jeff expecting him to be very jealous, although I have no idea if he really would be. 2: I was sitting on my mom's bed at my childhood home with old friends Kate and Audrey. While they were talking I wrote on the blanket with an ink pen the words "room service", pretending we lived in a future world where doing that would make something happen. The ink came out in swirled black and purple so thick that the words were three dimensional bubbles on the blanket. I took two pieces of paper and slid their edges along the words to soak up the excess ink. It soaked deeply into all four edges of the first piece of paper and I was starting on the second when Kate said, "I think I'm the only person noticing your little art experiment over there." I told her it was just a very, very leaky pen. 3: I was on the front porch of a woman's house with several other people. She was giving an impassioned speech about water pollutants and how we needed to stop the greedy polluters. After something she said I loudly went "Woo!" but was the only person who did. A moment later everyone clapped and I thought "I guess I just made it obvious that I'm new here". We were all facing a family cemetery in her front yard. It started on the left with an archway or doorway, and then the graves were evenly spaced and formed an arch that dipped towards us. There must have been 10 of them. The lady said these were all family members who had died of various diseases related to the pollutants, and she was starting to have separation anxiety for her family members who were still alive. There were people sitting on the grass inside the arch of graves just sunbathing in bathing suits and with blankets like it was a beach. I spotted a lawn chair that looked familiar and realized it was the ghost Kirby lawn chair. "I hope I don't know the person with that chair" I thought. "Especially if I don't like them. They'll think I'm copying them."