Anyone for tennis

Date: 4/18/2017

By Marvin10

I am wandering around this school. It's huge and I am looking for my kids they have both gone off with some random person to play tennis. I finally find the tennis courts and there is a cafeteria right next to it. I'm looking around but I can't see my kids. I hear a couple of ladies talking at the cafeteria. The conversation was really clear but I don't recall what they were talking about. I stop looking for Ashley and Emily and head back in the direction that I came. There is a military band lined up on each side of the path. They are playing something as I walk right through the middle of them,. They finish and the crowd applauded. I remember clapping about 4 times. Then I clearly remember hearing Dave Grohl singing and a Foo Fighters song started playing in the background. Pretty sure it wasn't one of their songs, not one that I can remember hearing before. But it was really good and I wish I could remember how it went.