Trees are Evil

Date: 7/25/2017

By Coldflames

This dream was one of the scariest dreams I've ever had and the weirdest. First I was going shopping with both my parents. So we entered the shop which was very big on the inside. There was also a restaurant in there too so my mum bought me a whole chicken and told me to sit and wait for her and my dad while they buy the stuff. So I sat there happily eating but what I didn't notice was that there were palm trees in this restaurant and on strangely had orange coconuts. My parents never came back because as it turns out they had left the shop without me. Then the orange coconuts on that particular palm tree started popping or busting, and then the tree uprooted itself and started chasing me. And no one seemed to notice a guy running around the shop being chased by a massive tree. What made this even more terrifying was the fact that the tree didn't walk on its roots but hopped instead and every time it hit the ground it would make a loud deafening sound so I always knew it was not far back. When I ran downstairs I found myself in a school but no one inside so I was now alone with this tree. Luckily there were more stairs which lead to the door outside and outside there were people so I ran down those stairs towards the door. Then for some reason I beleived the tree couldn't go down these stairs because it hopped but the tree instead jumped the entire stair case and it did so quietly. So when I reached the bottom I turned around only to find the tree right in my face, then I woke up.