Date: 4/10/2017

By crjohnson

We started at bens lake house type thing except it was more of a tatoinne type house and it was ben tom welch and i. There was some weird video that got out or something that could get us in trouble and tom wasnt sure what it was an neither was i but basically ben said we had to run and we hopped over some water onto another pier area and ran to some other area where we had lost tom and now marcus was there and we has gotten to another pier of some sort, in a very sandy landscape ben was doing something to get our boat ready, and i was just holding something and looking at him set it up, marcus was behind him just sorta standing there and then cat and Alyssa came around the corner and cat had me hold onto the leash of her small dog while she talked with marcus. Alyssa then went on and started to vent although i don't remember what about. They left and shortly after ben had his boat ready and we all hopped in and were ready to go. When i got in the boat I lied down and took up most of the boat which i thought was weird because it seemed like a big boat but ben was crouched down steering and i thought we were running into something i wasn't sure so i grabbed the wheel and steered us into another pier area where my legs went in between a wooden post but it did not cause me to much pain. Then we contiues to drive and all of are weight shifted and the boat went off a jump and flipped over into the water and then we got onto an island/beach and jack hill was there looking strong and he was holding a boom box then i started to look left and that was all.