Date: 7/5/2019

By Swathish

Kovai. Me Dino and unnikanan chettan. Visits some branded textile shops. UnikkanNam buys smthng. We hav one old car. Zen old model. 2nd hand brought frm someone. We were travelling in it. Amma Acha. And me. Tamilnadu itself. Achan saw some building. Providing certificates. As I just completed the degree we went there directly to claim certificates. I was wearing shorts so I did n ot enter the office. Told achn to go. Achn came back and took 5 lakhs from my bag. They hav asked one million rs. Time to procure the certificate is already finished so. I read the rules. Achan told there is 8 more laksh in the car. They started counting. I stoped them. And told I don't want certificate