Shape shifter frog

Date: 2/10/2017

By jsanchez619

My wife and I where in garage and she pointed out a frog she wanted to remove from garage. It was hiding behind a door. She raised the door and there it was. it was the largest frog I have ever seen and something about it seemed spooky, creepy or scary. She grabbed it by leg and threw it out. It ran back in standing upright on 2 legs. It didn't look like a frog any more it looked more like a wierd mutant or alien creature standing at about 4-5 foot high. It was white and had large creepy eyes. It had an unhappy and evil look. My wife ran out. It looked me in the eyes and growled so I growled back lowder. It hissed and I yelled at it. Then as it was getting ready to charge at me I woke up.