I was just another case

Date: 6/18/2017

By WILDlucy

I was at this school or home for kids where the kids lived like it was their house. There were these mean guys and one of them would always bully me. I ran to the restroom and tried to avoid him but the guys and girls restrooms were connect by an open hallway thing. I bumped into him and he grabbed me and took me into a stall. He kissed my neck and tried to take my clothes off. I couldn't scream or cry or tell him to stop. I just went limp. He stopped because he heard a teacher come in. He ran out and I sat there with my eyes open and heart beating quickly. My friend found me and pulled me out into the main living room area. She got a teacher and got me to tell her what happened. I was literally shaking so much you would've thought it was -30 degrees in there. I was crying and the teacher did nothing. She told me to be more careful of my surroundings and to not provoke the guy... she didn't care. I was just another girl who cried rape