Pizza Stop

Date: 1/19/2017

By Victor_E

We were at the local pizza shop that sold by the slice since I promised to take her out to pizza one day. We ordered our slices, but I told her that I'll be right back since I wanted to go wash my hands. As I was washing my hands, she walked in and dropped her pants and panties and placed her hands on the sink and stuck her ass out. Knowing what she wanted I pressed against her, reached around and fingered her pussy until it was wet. Then I reached a little further to her butthole and slid a finger in. She didnt complain. I took my dick out and shoved it in her ass as hard, fast and deep as it could go. She held her voice in but her legs shivered. I dumped all my cum insider her. I reached inside my pocket to find a butt plug and stuck it inside her, stopping ant juices from dropping out. We both returned to our seats, and finished our pizza, both knowing that one of us was filled more then usual.