Colorless Silhouettes

Date: 3/19/2017

By weniro

I don't remember the first part of my dream. I woke up in the middle of the night, and tried to fall asleep again. The dream started with me waking up in my dark room, with a buzzing sound. I thought it was a fly, so I wanted to get up to get it out. I couldn't move. A shadowy figure appeared out of the darkness in front of me. it was tall and looked like he was wearing a hat. As an occasional lucid dreamer, I asked myself if I was dreaming (I couldn't do a reality check). My brain told me I was awake. So I was either having a vivid dream or "dreaming awake" (literal translation, can't remember the English word for it). I tried to calm down, and "fall asleep" in the dream. I felt these cold hands try to suffocate me, and I woke up. I tried to fall asleep again. Now I was in a car with my parents. I knew I was dreaming. I got out of the car so I could play around, but then the dream faded and I got back to my room. The same buzzing sound, and I couldn't move. I tried to convince myself it was again just a vivid dream... I couldn't, it felt too real even for a vivid dream. The hatted shadow was back. he was not alone, many other colorless silhouettes were with him, staring at me with their glowing eyes I felt some hands pulling me out of bed, and as I saw my arms slide, I heard a "pop". Then, I could see my body splitting into two, one being pulled, the other still in bed. It was like my soul was being taken away from my physical self! I slowly was able to move, and got rid of what grabbed me. I was now floating in front of my sleeping body, and suddenly heard another "pop" and I was back to my body. I was awake, but I dida reality check to make sure.