Bad neighbours

Date: 2/24/2019

By natassja666

I had a dream my family and I moved back into the last place we lived. The landlords were doing renovations on the place and making it bigger and giving us a big wooden porch patio. The reason we moved out of this place in real life was because our downstairs neighbours were horrible but we know they got kicked out of there so we were happy to move back in. Braden my boyfriend came to tell me that the same people moved in downstairs again but they were acting scared of us. It was the worst news ever, such a bad coincidence and I was so surprised and upset. I know the rest of my dream was a sex dream, but I unfortunately don’t remember like any of it. 😭 all I know is I had two sexual partners who were both extremely dominant. A very edgy emo looking guy with long black hair and a really cute and tall slender girl who was a red head.