Friday the 13th staring Mr. TJ Gainley

Date: 3/3/2017

By ImprovdHat

Mr. Gainley was the serial killer. His parents were two gay men so his parallel to Michael Myers was that he was angry he didn't have a mom. He also had twin siblings (also boys) but one of them later turns into a girl named Cassie. TJ was the only person in my dream that was real. So he's picking people off while being undercover at this mansion other theater junkies are staying at including one of his twin sibling that's now Cassie. Towards the end of the "movie" there's a final battle except things didn't go according to his plan. TJ kills everyone in the house including Cassie after people are hopping fences and trying to get to civilization. My POV was a boy who was Cassie's love interest. To get to the street/help I had to spell out a word as I ran *shrug* so I was spelling out "eternally" while Cassie was calling out to me with terms of endearment. However, TJ threw a knife at me and killed my character shortly before murdering his sister. It turns out Cassie was on it and was helping him keep his identity secret. There plan was that we'd catch him and tie him up or something and while he was in his murder outfit, then whilst we slept, she would untie him and he'd kill everyone.