A shooting and a heist

Date: 2/5/2017

By ScarletK

I visited a library and this guy sitting next toe started to tell me that a girl like me cannot get a guy for herself so I gave him a speech in front of everyone there. He turned out to be a criminal and he planned to get back at me. He swinged by my house a couple of times and threatened me, so I had to prepare for the worst case scenario. I hired a team of police to train our family how to hold a gun and how to escape using the back door. In the middle of the training the criminal drove a car by my house in an attempt to shoot at my house and family. Unfortunately my house was surrounded by police car so there was nothing he could do. But then when a policeman came to arrest him, he became affected by the criminal's evilness (loke a virus) and started to get angry at my son and pointed the gun at my son (I don't have one in real life). Then the criminal somehow teamed up with the policeman and abducted my son, running away to the tree log in front of my house and hid behind it. I then found him with a big gun in my hand and finished him. Then I came to my master's house. He was like a ghost-catching guy, a psychic of some sort. I reunited with my classmates there (my actual classmates from secondary school), we played some games like playing the jukebox and there was also a normal looking plate who could play a designated song by pressing on it. After that, I don't remember why but we thought it was a good idea to rob the master's house because we wanted to get back at him at something. We carefully discussed the plan, but apprently I was so scared of all the ghosts lurking in his house so I chickened out and said that I had to hang out with my other friends on the exact same time. Then my friends carried out the plan as scheduled and they got a TV from the master's house. When I asked them how it went they showed me a video containing very graphic and gory images of some ghosts. I just remember there was one child ghost accompanying by another guard ghost floating around and then my friends killed it. And then I woke up.