3 dreams

Date: 8/12/2017

By Maffiwip

Lived on a mountain where crazy giant centipedes lived. Like MASSIVE. Like video game massive. Like eat people massive. We still didnt know how to not be eaten by them, other than if you hid under stuff that they couldn't fit under. Like cars. You had to roll under cars but sometimes it was sandy and I couldn't fit. Scary. --- Another dimension/time. I'm with my friend Meghan (who doesn't exist IRL) and she has a mental disability. It's not that noticeable she just talks a bit weird and doesn't always understand things. I don't even notice the voice anymore and I forget she even has a disability a lot of the time. We're in like.... an older time. Pilgrim kind of era. My dad is there too. Meghan appeared out of nowhere but it's not thy weird I guess? We're talking to our neighbours and Meghan says she's a werewolf. I try to cover her mouth and hush her, because this is the same time was witch burning and you don't want to freak the neighbours out. I plan to tell the neighbours she has a disability and not to worry about her. --- I find a baby cardinal and hold it. There was no one around it, no nest or mom or anything so I pick him up. He doesn't move much but doesn't look broken. I love him. I figured he was thirsty so I brought him to a little puddle and left him there, drove away with my parents. Eventually I panic because I shouldn't have left him. I basically killed him. He can't fly and has no idea how to live, so I left him to die. I convince my parents to turn around to I can get him. We find him and he's ok, just sitting in the shade near where I left him. I pick him up and pet him and he does summersaults of happiness in my hands. I put him in a box that I had in my purse, but it had other wires and stuff. I'm cleaning the box out and eventually the bird is just gone somehow. Like it turned into wires or something.