Alien Attack! & Hanging out with the Android Girl and some High School Familiars

Date: 6/8/2017

By fluffytree

In my first dream I found myself in some unfamiliar town with my family and it was being attacked by these Grey-esque aliens that would hide in the ground like an Octorok ala the Zelda series and then jump up and shoot these high tech laser guns at us. All we could do was run. Everything is so chaotic too. The Rock was there too trying to get people to safety as well as occasionally fight the aliens. It wasn't long until I faded into my next and final dream. In my final dream I found myself at some random house with some familiar people. A couple of them I recognized from high school and my 5 year old niece was there too. There was this one girl I didn't recognize who looked a bit odd as if she was an android. I think she was cos her eyes looked very mechanical and she spoke and moved rather robotically. It's pretty late at night and we were all sitting on the couch watching TV except the android girl who would occasionally get up to put on a DVD from her collection. There's a smaller couch behind us that my niece was asleep on while me and everyone else were on the regular sized couch. For some reason the other people besides me, my niece, the android, and one girl I went to high school with had vanished from existence. I'm sitting right next to Malissa now, the girl I went to high school with, and she's really close to the point where I start getting turned on. This isn't the first time I've had a dream about her either. If it's related to high school I tend to see her in them but not sure why since even though she would flirt with me here and there back in my hs days, I never took her seriously and thought she was just playing around. I did always find her attractive though. Anyway I can feel her warmth and my hand lightly brushes up against her thigh. She's wearing this black outfit, a black top and black mini dress of some sort and I remember her skin feeling so real and so soft too. I start wondering if we're gonna start making out or something with how things are. She even strokes my hair occasionally which feels super good. Her skin is so soft and warm too and I never thought I'd be feeling this way about her. The Android girl then gets up and puts on an anime DVD Serial Experiments: Lain, which is one of my favorite series and we all start watching although me and Malissa are only kinda watching. She's not an anime fan like me and the other girl and is pretty confused as to what's happening. It can be a pretty trippy and psychologically heavy show so when she asks about what's going on in it android girl tries explaining it but it's not in a way that's easy to understand so I reexplain the plot and who the main character actually is to the point where she gets some understanding of it. I made sure to use the Matrix movies as a reference since they're thematically similar even though Lain came out first. I headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and Malissa comes in without knocking to put something back and then leaves. A thought crossed my mind of what if I was naked or something or on the toilet? Maybe she wanted to see that though or maybe I missed a subtle cue that she wanted to be alone with me for "round 2" of what we had going earlier, lol.