Date: 4/20/2019

By dollsteak1

I was underwater. The only way out was straight up. The problem was there was a layer of ice. I was disoriented. Unsure on what was up and what was down. I was kicking to try and break through the ice, but it seemed fruitless. It was clear that others were aware of my struggle, but were incapable of helping. Suddenly an automatic dpor opened. I went through knowing that was not what what I was supposed to do. I began pleading, "let me out!" An alarm was sounding now as I frantically ran about. I knew the end was near yet I still jad a small glimmer of hope that I cpuld escape. Suddenly I was surrounded by the security officers who were armed with a standard handgun. These officers were were dressed in all black and appeared emotionless. They were all young women 25-35. This was it. One of them shot me in the head. It was a bloody mess. The alarm stopped sounding and everyone continued on with their business. There were others walking around. Everyone understood what was happening but were powerless to help me. I knew they wanted to cry out in protest, but they remained emotionless as well. My body remained on the floor. It would eventually be cleaned up it was clear, but no one was in any hurry to do so.